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Sharing Australia's floral gifts with the world

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

– Luther Burbank

Bell Art began many years ago when I was still in school. My mother, Meryl Bell, loved painting Australian wildflowers, honing her skills tirelessly to capture their rich colour, form and beauty as the 17th century Dutch masters she so admired, did. Instead of painted peonies and roses spilling out of vases, Mum’s paintings showcased her beloved wildflowers. Fond memories of her childhood growing up in the rural areas of Western Australia, her grandmother picking wildflowers to display on the mantle, the gorgeously enveloping aroma of Boronia filling the air; these were all inspiration for Mum's passion and desire to capture Australian native flora and share their unique beauty with the world.

Her paintings of exquisite detail would each take many months and sometimes years to complete. Back when Mum was not well known, you couldn’t recover the cost of such paintings, so instead she founded Bell Art with my father Don, as a more accessible and affordable way for people to enjoy her paintings and the beauty of Australian wildflowers.

They started producing art prints and single cards, which turned into a boxed set for a bigger gift, and we have a nod to that original design featuring her stunning work 'Crimson Gold', that is still a best seller today. It's a testament to the timeless appeal of wildflowers and her talents in capturing them with such grace and botanical accuracy.

Today, I proudly continue my mother's legacy after her passing. The love and reverence for her paintings has only grown, capturing hearts all around Australia and the world. I hope they bring you as much joy as they do to us!

Amanda Legovich

Our Values

A legacy for us all to treasure.

We work to honour the original vision of my Mum, artist Meryl Bell, in spreading the message of the beauty, mystery and variety of Australia's wildflowers, thoughtfully and sensitively as she did, through our ever expanding range.

Her remarkable legacy of over 200 magnificent artworks has been captured and archived, adapted to products that give us all the opportunity to enjoy what she discovered and created.

From Australia, made with love.

We go to great lengths to ensure nearly every Bell Art product is designed and made in Australia, maintaining a founding value of our company. We support local business and craftspeople (some of which are now almost family!) wherever we can, so you know you are getting a true blue Aussie product, from start to finish. Our approach supports Australia's economy and helps reduce emissions.

'Tread lightly' means travelling lightly, too.

Respect for our Environment is intrinsic in everything we do, but for us it goes far beyond using eco-friendly papers and inks. We use all natural and organic fabrics, teas, soaps and sachets and we work to minimise wastage and maximise recyclability in all areas of our production process. We strive to produce practical products that can travel with you easily too, so you can share the message of Australia's wildflowers wherever you go in the world.

Giving back one product at a time.

A key message in sharing the beauty of Australian flora is that of the need to protect its often vulnerable and fragile status. For every Bell Art product you purchase, we donate part proceeds to the Australian Flora Foundation to help foster scientific research on the biology, protection and cultivation of Australian plants.

“I heard about Bell Art when I was in Canberra. The nice bookstore in the National Library displayed your products so I tried some and I love it!”

– Hieu

“May I say that I was really impressed with every single item which you have for sale on your online shop. The native artwork is incredible. I came across your store online, while searching for waratah inspired writing paper. Keep up the good work, every single person who contributes to this business should be very proud.”

– Daniel Lahood

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