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Aroma Bloq Discovery Set

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This wonderful Aroma Bloq Discovery Set is perfect for anyone looking for a natural and effective way to freshen up their space. This set includes all 5 Aroma Bloq scents - Boronia Berry, Lavender Lime, Lemon Scented Gum, Orange, Spice & Lemon Myrtle and Sandalwood.  Crafted from the finest natural ingredients, each designed to create a welcoming and refreshing environment in your home, office or even your car.

Or for a far better smelling alternative to Australian Moth Balls, put one in your closet or drawer.  A delightful scent will travel with you all day long.

Made in Australia and unlike traditional air fresheners that rely on harsh chemicals, these air fresheners are made from 100% natural ingredients and are free from harmful toxins. 

The Aroma Bloq Discovery Set is a wonderful gift for friends and family both home and abroad.

Australian made
Natural & Ethically made
Recyclable Packaging
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Contents: 5 x Sachet Bloq in protective sleeve

Box size: W 123mm x H 74mm (each Bloq)

Weight: 55g (each Bloq)

Free shipping in Australia on retail orders over $100

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Enjoy the aroma for longer

Replenish the aroma and benefits over time by gently scraping your bloq's surface on both sides. Then simply pop it back into it's packaging and - Voila!

Local. Sustainable. Natural. Ethical.

Made from all natural products in Australia, recyclable packaging and supporting the wonderful work of the Australian Flora Foundation, this little gem isn't only a smell good product, it's a feel good one too.

“I bought this Lemon Scented Gum bloq recently and am totally in love with it. The scent is beautiful - fresh and lemony - and subtle all at the same time. These are definitely on my Christmas list for gifts... perfect for teachers and hard to buy for people!”

– Alison

“We bought some of your wonderfully scented bloqs in Canberra last weekend... and need more!! Such a great product. Thank you Bell Art!!”

– David Wallace

“I so love the fragrance of my Orange Spice bloq that I have a bloq in every room in my home. The gentle wafting fragrance, of bit of citrus, a touch of spice is so uplifting as I walk past.”

– J Lazaroo

“I was cleaning a house yesterday. When cleaning a room I observed a sachet of your Sandlewood aromatics hanging on the door. I love Sandlewood. I smelt it. It was beautiful. When I came home I looked you up and placed an order. Thank you so much!”

– Pam

“I was baby sitting my grandkids the other day. In the bathroom there was a nice smell and I noticed the orange spice bloq hanging near the window. I am a remedial massage therapist always looking for different things to sell in my small reception area I think these will go down well as my clients are always looking out for nice smelling things as a present. Also for myself!”

– Henry Sue