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Are Bell Art products Australian Made?

All Bell Art products and souvenirs are designed and made in Australia. In June 2016, Bell Art met the criteria to be part of the official Australian Made campaign. This means that our products have been manufactured here (not just packaged or assembled) and that 50% or more of the cost of making it can be attributed to Australian materials and/or production. All our products with the exception of our bookmarks are licensed to carry the Australian Made logo.

What ingredients are used in the Bell Art soaps?

Olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils.

What ingredients are used in the Bell Art Aroma Bloqs and Clothes Companion sachets?

Palm oil and palm kernel oil, vermiculite, sodium hydroxide and fragrance and essential oils. These products contain no synthetic additives, parabens, or lauryl sulphates.

How long will the Aroma Bloqs and Clothes Companion sachets last?

As the scent of the product diminishes, scratch it with a fork which will release more of the essential oils. You can continue this process for 1-2 years.

Are the dining placemats and coasters waterproof?

Our dining placemats and coasters are not waterproof. They are laminated with a special varnish but the edges are not sealed. Please ensure you do not soak in water. To preserve the original condition of your placemats, wipe with a lightly dampened cloth after use.

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